Athlete Information

Free parking is provided in the two lots and garage that service the courthouse complex in downtown Gretna and adjacent to transition.  All parking is accessed on Derbigny Street until 7 am after which access to the parking lots will be blocked.  Please do not park on the street near the race, doing so narrows the course and limits visibility making the race more dangerous for everyone.

Transition opens at 5:30am and closes at 6:45 am.

There will be a first time multi-sport athlete meeting at 6:50 am just outside of transition.   
We will use a wave start consisting of 4 waves 3 minutes apart.  The first wave will start at approximatly 7:15 am.
(see below for wave assignments) .  This is a chip timed event so your time does not start until you cross the start line.  If you are racing with a spouse or child and would like to start together, it is permissible to start in the same wave, we only ask that you both start in the later assigned waive.

Out of respect for the community where our race is taking place and all the support staff, we have established cut off times for different points of the race, the times are generously calculated for the novice athlete to complete the race. (see below for cut off times)

Timing chips will be distibuted race morning.  Chips will be collected at the finish line.  You are responsible for your chip and will be charged $25 for failure to return your chip to the race.  

All athletes will be provided a bib number and a  matching bike number .  The bike number must be attached to the frame and visible from both sides of the bike.  The bib number must be worn for the whole race and must be visible from the front on both run portions of the race.    

All athletes must wear their bib to enter the athletes food and beverage area.  The athlete food and beverage tent will be open from approximatly 8:30 am until the end of the awards ceremony. 

You must have a bib and body making to enter transition before and after the race
to set up and retrieve your bike and other gear.

Enter Transition 1                                           40 min                  after last wave     8:04 am
Bike turn around at top of Bridge               1 hr 15 min          after last wave     8:39 am
Enter Transition 2                                           1hr 36 min           after last wave     9:00 am
Turn Around point of Second Run               2hrs                      after last wave     9:24 am
Finish                                                                 2hrs 36 min         after last wave   10:00 am


Wave 1

 Men 30-39

 Wave 2

 Women 30-49; Relays 

 Wave 3

 Men 40-54

 Wave 4

 Men 29 and under

 Women 29 and under

Men 55 and over

Women 50 and over


Anyone participating in the Bridgeman104 Duathlon should have a training plan leading up to the race. What a person needs to be prepared and have an enjoyable race experience varies greatly between individuals and depends on a variety of factors including age, general health and current level of conditioning. Be prepared, have a plan and enjoy your race day.

Local Clubs

A simple internet search for local track clubs, cycling clubs or triathlon clubs will provide you with contact information for dozens of clubs with members that share your interest and have the experience to help you prepare. Local clubs include; Hard Inc. Venom Muti-Sport Racing, GNOTRI, New Orleans Track Club (NOTC) , WEMORI and many, many more.

Professional Advise

One of our sponsors, WEST JEFFERSON MEDICAL CENTER is also available to help you with a training plan. Please contact Christina Mamolo at 504 348 0055 or 504 349-6908. Christina is the fitness co-ordinator for WJMC and is eager to help all race participants get ready for the race.

Training Rides/Runs

The paved levee in Gretna/Algiers is a great place to make rides and get used to climbing on your bike, one loop on the 3 mile stretch between the Gretna ferry landing  and the Algiers Ferry landing swill have you climbing from the bottom of the levee to the top several times. Loop the ramps at the Gretna Ferry several times at the beginning or end of your ride for some great race preparation.   The path has been recently extended all the way past Federal City, so a full loop is close to ten miles!

The New Orleans Lakefront is also a fantastic place for training rides. Lakeshore drive between Westend Blvd. and the Seabrook Bridge is a five mile stretch (10 mile loop) that inlcudes mutiple short climbs back and forth over the flood wall and over canals off the lake. Very little traffic and plenty of room to ride.

If you are a little more advanced and are looking for a serious climb on your bike, we suggest a ride that includes the bridge at the end of General DeGaule Drive in Algiers, often refered to as the "English Turn Bridge" . This bridge over the intercostal waterway is a monster reaching approximatly the same height as the Crescent City Connection Bridge but in 1/8th of the distance. A few loops on this bridge and you can officially call yourself a climber. Once across you can turn right and enjoy a smooth ride out to and along river road with very little traffic, or you can turn left and make your way to Highway 23 which you can ride all the way to the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Due to the uncertain nature of weather, government permitting, police availability, road construction or other factors the event may be cancelled, altered or changed.  The event cannot be rescheduled due to the complex nature of staging the event.   In the event of a cancellation there is a no refund policy due to the advanced planning and deposits required to produce the event.  Every effort is made to conduct the event as planned.     

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