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Start your race at the Historic Gretna Train Station/ Post Office 
and head to the Mississippi River and  the new Riverview Condominium Development, then back downtown to the Jefferson Parish Government Complex before working your way though historic neighborhoods and the 150 year old oak trees that line Huey P. Long Ave before transitioning onto your bike under the cover of the Gretna Farmer's Market. From the market head out on your way to the Crescent City Connection bridge where you climb to a panoramic view of the New Orleans French Quarter, the Louisiana Superdome and the central business district of New Orleans. U-turn and enjoy the view again as you return to transition. Start your final leg along the top of the levee of the mighty Mississippi River as you run out and back with a view of downtown New Orleans and the bridge you just conquered. 
  Police support and control at all major intersection on the bike.  Full medical support and aid stations.  Professional timing and results by No Limits Timing llc.
After the race you will enjoy food, drink and music at the riverfront. The Gretna Heritage Festival  and Michelob Ultra have partnered with the race to provide a concert stage and live music at the race finish and the after party for all to enjoy.   We will give the bands a break for an awards ceremony like no other before we get back to the music which will last till around noon.


Riding on the Bridge  

The course brings riders across the main span of the bridge on the high occupancy vehicle lanes. There is a full vehicle lane for each direction on the main span of the bridge of the out and back course. There is a full shoulder to the outside of the course on the bridge that is off limits to riders.

The race will be a wave start format to minimize congestion and passing on the bike course.  ALL RIDERS MUST STAY TO THE RIGHT OF THE COURSE UNLESS PASSING.  By riding on the left you are BLOCKING, a violation of USAT rules and putting other riders in danger.  Please follow the rules and be courtious to others by staying as far to the right and possible when climbing and descending the bridge. 

Riders will cross the main span of the bridge and reach the turn around point without exiting the HOV lanes on the bridge on the east bank.  The bridge rises only 170 feet over 1.5 miles which makes for a long gradual climb and an easily controllable  descent.

Racers will be warned to use extreme caution where the course narrows to a single lane just beyond the main span of the bridge on the east bank and when exiting the bridge at ground level on the return ride.  The course narrows to one full traffic lane at these two exit/entrance points of the high occupancy vehicle lanes.  These single lanes are used to bring riders onto the bridge and off of the bridge. The areas will be heavily coned and signs will warn riders to exit the bridge with caution and at reduced speeds.  Race officials will be checking for proper brake function on all bikes at check in.

There are four major expansion joints on the main span of the bridge and minor joints on the bridge approaches.    We fasten 1/4 inch plate metal with an anti-slip coating to cover the joints.   The covers work very well:  however caution must be used when riding over them because the course narrows to cross them,  riding surface changes and they make a noise as you go over themThe photo below shows the original wood covers used in the first years of the race.  These have been upgraded to metal plates. 


  Run One (GREEN) Run Two (BLUE) Bike Transition Detail (Red) 

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